Types of Massage

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Swedish massage is the basis of all massage styles. It uses five techiques: Effluerage(gliding), Friction, Petrissage, Tapotement, and Stretching.  Swedish massage is used to promote relaxation, reduce pain and muscle tension, and improve joint mobility.

An emphasis is on people who are physically active and sports specific injuries. It helps decrease muscle soreness, decrease pain, and improve flexibility and joint mobility

Deep tissue focuses on deeper layers of muscle and is focused on specific muscles rather than a full body massage. It helps decrease pain, chronic muscle tension, and improves flexibility.

The Myoskeletal Alignment method uses myofascial techniques, muscle energy techniques (a type of stretching,) deep tissue massage, and muscle spindle techinques (a fast paced massage technique used to create tone in weak and under active muscles.) The idea of this method is to bring balance and symmetry to the skeletal and muscle system by using deep tissue massage to tight, overactive muscles and fast paced massage to stimulate tone in weak, under active muscles. This system helps with chronic muscle and joint pain, improve the ability to move pain free, and improve pain from poor posture.
This system of massage is used to treat injury and pain. It’s emphasis is on assessment of soft tissues to determine the nature of  the injury and what tissues are injured. Using assessment to understand the nature of the injury helps to develop a treatment plan and a solid understanding of your condition. This optimizes the success of your massage treatment.

What to Expect

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At Head to Toe Muscle Clinic we use massage therapy to help you relax, relieve stress, relieve specific areas of muscle tension, or to help with specific pain complaints.

The main focus of Head to Toe Muscle Clinic is to understand the nature of the complaint through assessment and listening and to use the most appropriate techniques. All massage therapy techniques are incorporated into the massage.

The backbone of our techniques are from orthopedic massage and myoskeletal alignment techniques. These systems use assessment to develop a massage therapy plan that is right for you. We then select the appropriate massage technique that is right for what state your muscle tissue is in.

An assessment may consist of movement testing, stretching, and specific tests to understand what condition your muscles and joints are in.

Your first session will include a health intake to gather all information about your health history, why you are here for massage, and goals. If necessary we will perform an assessment.

All sessions afterward we will discuss how the massage affected you to make any necessary adjustments or to continue with what helped you in the first session.

Heat is included in all sessions to help relieve muscle tension, decrease pain, and to help increase circulation after massage has been given to an area.



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Massage Time Number of Massages Price Savings
30 minutes 1 $50
30 minutes 3 $145 $5
30 minutes 6 $270 $30
30 minutes 12 $510 $90
1 hour 1 $100
1 hour 3 $270 $30
1 hour 6 $540 $60
1 hour 12 $960 $240
1.5 hours 1 $145
1.5 hours 3 $390 $45
1.5 hours 6 $785 $85
1.5 hours 12 $1390 $350