What should I expect in the first session?
Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Your therapist will have you fill out a medical history form. Then the therapist will discuss your goals for the session. If necessary your therapist may perform an assessment. This will help gather information about what your body is doing and help the therapist form a solid massage plan.

How often do I need massage?
This depends on your goals and if you are seeking relief from pain. If you are looking for relief from pain it is recommended you do twice a week for 5 weeks. The closer the massage sessions are the greater the outcome will be. If you are looking for maintenance and general relaxation then once a month or every two weeks should very helpful.

Should I tip?
At Head to Toe Muscle Clinic we do not accept tip. The price is the price.

What is your cancelation policy?
We require 24 hours notice. We will charge for last minute cancelations. However, we understand life throws curveballs at you and emergencies will always be considered.

Do I have to be covered by a sheet?
Yes. Draping is Connecticut state law. No exceptions will be made.

Do I have to take off all of my clothes?
No. The massage therapist can work through clothes or the sheet. You can take off or leave on whatever you are comfortable with.

What parts of the body do massage therapist’s work on?
Massage therapist’s can work on all parts of the body. However, breast tissue and genitalia will never be worked on. We also encourage you to talk to your therapist about any areas you do not wish to be massaged.

Should massage hurt?
Most clients describe the pain from massage as good pain. The pressure should never exceed your pain tolerance. Pain that is nerve type pain should have the massage therapist stop. Sometimes pain may be felt at a different site than where the therapist is working. This is common and not nerve but a referral from muscle. Your therapist should be able to distinguish between nerve pain and muscle referral pain. Always communicate with your therapist what you feel especially if it doesn’t feel good.