Back in 2007 my first week working in a Rehabilitation office was intense.  There were 2 cases of disc herniation in my first day and I remember them well.  Both cases had severe pain and were on the verge of tears.  It was pain that they had never experienced before and this was their last resort before surgery.  I really wasn’t sure if they would get better because of the amount of pain they had but each treatment they had they felt improvement.  After 4 weeks they were much better and it was such a transformation in their personalities from the first day I met them from being depressed and hopeless to pretty much being how they probably were before I met them.  That was seven years ago and I still see them once in awhile and they have never had a problem with that since.



The spinal joints are quite complex.  There are three joints within a spinal joint.  The 2 facet joints  and the disc joint. The disc joint has three parts: the annulus fibrosis, the nucleus fibrosis, and vertebral endplate.
The disc  allows  movement,  absorbs shock and bears weight,  and provides space for the intervertebral foramen for the nerves to pass through.  The annulus fibrosis is made of many layers of fibrocartilage and each layer has many fibers in different directions to resist movement in different directions.  The nuclues pulposus is in the center of the annulus fibrosis.  A disc bulge or herniation is when fibers of the annulus fibrosis starts to crack or thin and the nucleus pulposis is allowed to bulge through the annulus.










There are different degrees of disc bulge or herniation.  A protrusion is when the disc [...]